Since the lab was approved to be founded, it has been showing prominently in its comprehensive competitive advantages in the separation membranes and membrane process, facing the frontiers of world science and national strategic requirements, collaborating to layout the basic researches on the membrane technologies and science and high-tech researches, building the team of talents and operational management mechanisms based on the strategies of basic research towards the globalization, high-tech towards the national requirements. We are here to make the lab a national key lab of excellent achievements, excellent facilities, excellent talents, excellent management.

  1. The forming mechanisms of separation membranes

    The research highlights the forming mechanisms of membranes and functional fibers, including solution phase separation, hole forming due to melting and stretching, hole forming and phase separation due to heat, composite membranes and fiber separation membranes. Centering on the microstructure formation mechanism and control strategies and the relationship between the forming mechanism and membrane structure, the research studies the cavernous structures of the materials, the forming mechanism of finger hole structures and the shifting mechanism among each other, studies the relationships of membrane structures and the forming of membrane holes, membrane hole structures and states of aggregation, membrane performance under the process condition that different materials are coordinatively composited and the spinning is formed.

  2. Membrane materials and functional design

    The research of functional design of membrane materialsis carried out based on fully understanding the forming mechanism of the membranes, directed by the theories of chemistry, chemical engineering and material science, applying molecular simulation, molecular design, molecular assembly and chemical or physical means to explore the performance relationships of multi-scale structures like the molecular structures of membrane forming, aggregation structures, phase zone structures and morphological structure with the membranes in molecular level. The design methods of new-type functional materials and membranes are founded to face the process of practical application and provide the theoretical supports for the separation membranes of new high performance with more ideal molecular structures, anti-fouling, high permselectivity.

  3. Membrane integrated technologies and membrane standardization

    With regards to the common key issues during the application of the membranes, the research highlights the mechanisms of membrane fouling and control strategies in the membrane process, membrane mass transfer dynamics, the optimized structural designs of membrane modules, the novel membrane seperaton processes, the stability of membranes and the standardization studies of the membrane technologies during the service time, etc.