Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU) has been successfully selected as one of the“Double First-Class” discipline construction universities by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and Development and Reform Commission, China in 2017. Meanwhile, the Textile Science and Engineering of TJPU was ranked “A+”as the best discipline in the fourth round of Discipline Evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017 and has been selected into “Double First-Class”construction disciplines now. TJPU has a solid research foundation in the fieldof membrane science and technology that belongs to modern textile in the discipline of Textile Science and Engineering. TJPU has established threenational platforms on separation membranes: State Key Laboratory of Separation Membranes and Membrane Processes, National Center for International Joint Research on Separation Membranes and National Innovative Talent Training Demonstration Base (Ministry of Science and Technology, China). In particular, TJPU had incubated a public Hi-tech company-Tianjin MOTIMO Membrane Technology Co., Ltd, which was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. Recently, TJPU has been awarded as the Outstanding Institution of Introducing Talents of Tianjin in the field of Membrane Science and Technology by Tianjin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in 2017 .


By taking the opportunity of  the “Double First-Class”  discipline construction ofTextile Science and Engineering and the advantages of the national platforms inmembrane science and technology, TJPU focuses on the international academic frontiers and introduces top talents worldwide so as to solve the challenges onmembrane science and technology through the international cooperation and joint research. Simultaneously, TJPU shall widen the industry-university-research cooperation, improve the independent innovation ability and meet the nationaland regional needs of social and economic development in the membrane field. Moreover, TJPU will make strong efforts to strengthen the international cooperation in the membrane field under the national strategic plan of One Belt and One Road , to contribute Chinese knowledge to the world, enhance international academic influence of TJPU, and improve the international competency of China's membrane industry.

In recent years, TJPU has built a strong overseas research team consisting of Professor Huu Hao Ngo from University of Technology of Sydney, Australia as theleader (Fellow of International Biotechnology Association and the Editor of Bioresource Technology), and the directors of National Membrane Centers in the USA and Singapore, as well as the presidents of Australian Membrane Society,Japanese Membrane Society and South African Membrane Society as the coremembers. Our international research team has one distinguished professor of“Chang Jiang Scholar Program”, five distinguished professors of “Tianjin Thousand Talents Program for Foreign Experts”, one Tianjin distinguished professor, as well as the general manager of Research Center of Donaldson Group, Dr. Hua WANG (the former chief scientist of GE in US) with fruitful experiences in the industrial technology development. Meanwhile, TJPU has adomestic research team led by JIANG Shicheng, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The key members include Outstanding Young Scholars of National Science Foundation, Chang Jiang Scholar, National Thousand Talents Program,“National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project” and other youngtalents.

By integrating the domestic and international technological and intellectual resources, TJPU will strengthen the international talent exchange of different disciplines and crossing-disciplines, construct international cooperation platforms, create a good atmosphere of international cooperation and operation mechanisms, organize an international talent team, and enhance the innovation capability. Furthermore, TJPU will focus on three research areas: precise separation membranes, specific separation membranes and membrane process integration technology. The team has already started the international cooperation research projects regarding “fabrication of ultra-low pressure nano-filtration membrane for drinking water safety” and “development of ceramichollow fiber catalytic membranes for methane dehydroaromatization”.

In the next 3-5 years, upon the support of 111 project, we expect to make several major breakthroughs in the development of precise separation membranes,specific separation membranes and membrane process integration technology. We expect to foster 2-4 national-level talents and 1-2 national-level innovation teams, jointly publish 10-20 SCI papers in the high-level international journals (IF more than 10), apply 20-30 patents, and carry out 2-3 industrial projectsor technology transfers with the expected market value over 100 million yuan.In addition, we also plan to establish 2-3 cooperative research centers in the countries along the One Belt and One Road and help China's membrane industry to tap the global market.

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